Trading Forex once a Day

Trade Forex with minimal effort by trading during peak volatility once a day.
Indicators for Momentum-Trading

europe flag eu european euro 253311

Frankfurt Opening:

09:00 Broker Time (may vary)
08:00 Europe (Germany)
02:00 U.S. EST

union jack british flag uk english 1027898

London Opening:

10:00 Broker Time (may differ)
09:00 Europe (Germany)
03:00 U.S. EST

united flag states america 26177

U.S. Opening:

16:30 Broker Time (may vary)
15:30 Europe (Germany)
09:30 U.S. EST

Trading Forex once a Day, trading 3 times a day, the opening hours only, EU, London, U.S..

What is the optimal time of day for Forex trading?

When is the best time for profits in forex trading in the USA, Germany, the UK, Australia, and South Africa? When is the best time to trade Gold?

Trade the financial markets during your normal working hours. There are at least three daily opportunities in the market that offer profitable entry chances. With the Breakout-Box, you can visually display your trading times on the chart and define the volatile times of the day as your trading times.

The trading hours of Forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptos vary and should be considered individually for trading once a Day.

These are the times when markets are most volatile: the opening of the London session, when the European and American sessions overlap, or the opening of the US session.

MT4 Indicator open momentum
Indicators for Momentum-Trading
Trading Forex once a Day

MT4 Momentum-Indicator

Indicators for Momentum-Trading optimized for Opening-Session (Asia, London, and the US) and Trading Forex once a Day

The Open-Momentum indicator is suitable for all types of instruments, including Forex, Indices, commodities, Stocks, Crypto, ETFs, Bonds, and more. It identifies genuine momentum, eliminates unwanted noise during sideways movements, and avoids volatile times of the day.

Filter => all you will need, it is so simple.

  • Daytime, Weekdays, Moving Averages, Keltner-Channel


  • Optimized for Asia- London- and the US- Open-Session
  • choose your personal times to trade – select Daytime and Weekdays
  • Keltner-Channel – reduce market noise – sideways moves will be hidden
  • 3x Moving Averages => for the Trend
  • after close, no repaint
  • Email, Screen-Alert, and push notification

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