About ME

Welcome to TradeOnceADay.org! I’m Claus Dietrich, a state-certified business economist, and I started my journey into trading and coding in 2014, with a particular interest in using MetaTrader 4. This website was created to share valuable trading insights and provide free MetaTrader 4 indicators to enhance your trading experience.

My own trading journey began with a series of letdowns as I invested in signal services that failed to deliver. My curiosity about the inner workings of the markets led me to explore traditional trading systems and methods, but I found them overwhelming and often confusing.

I discovered that most trading systems only became clear in hindsight after experiencing wins and losses. For me, the essence of trading became about simplicity. I wanted a straightforward approach that would enable me to trade once or twice a day without guesswork or fervent hopes about market movements.

My breakthrough came when I discovered the market’s simple yet almost impulsive habits. It was like uncovering a code that gave me a clear path to trade with finesse, without the previous ambiguities. My ambition is to reveal these simple market habits to you, offering a compass to navigate the often turbulent seas of trading and help you achieve a rewarding trading experience.

I have been programming MT4 indicators since 2014 and selling them on the MQL5 manufacturer platform. I have created a total of six indicators, out of which two are free and have been downloaded thousands of times from over 130 different countries. These two indicators, along with the other four paid indicators, are designed specifically to complement my trading method.

You can find tutorials and testimonials on the manufacturer’s website and on YouTube.

Foto of Claus Dietrich from ClausForex.com and TradeOnceAday.com