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Puntos dulces

SweetSpotsSweetSpots MT4 free indicator SweetSpots – get Round Numbers – Lines on your Chart 1000 100 50 etc.   Bajar Ahora!

Indicador de brecha

Gap IndicatorGap Indicator MT4 free indicator Gap Indicator closure or not, here you can quickly get an overview of an instrument, how reliable the gap might be, reference of the gap is the ATR, all details can be set individually…

Líneas de pivote

Pivot LinesPivot Lines MT4 free indicator Pivot Lines; monthly weekly daily 4-hour 1-hour, all details can be set individually, no Sunday correction for daily Bajar Ahora!

Líneas Alta y Baja, día anterior

High and Low Lines, Previous dayMT4 free indicator High and Low Lines, Previous day high and low of the previous day all details can be set individually Sunday correction Bajar Ahora!

Cuadro de sesión de trabajo (MANUAL)

Breakout-Session-Box (MANUAL)Breakout-Session-Box (MANUAL) – spread displayed as an additional box – verify the effectiveness of indicators – periods adaptable to trading habits – 5 boxes are individually adjustable – can be used as break-out boxes – 5 preset profiles outbreak…

Candles remaining time

Candles remaining timeCandles remaining time shows the remaining time of the current candle shows the remaining time of a candle of another Timeframe set alarm X seconds before the candle ends ========================= open the remaining Time twice on your chart,…


Dynamic-Support-Resistance-LinesMT4 Indicator – free – Dynamic-Support-Resistance-Lines these grids are based on ATR levels calculated by Fibonacci-Numbers, favored starting point is the daily pivot, or if you like the daily open Price Targets (blue) Reference ATR 20 Start-Line (orange) daily Pivot…